Their story - From Beren & Engin to Fatmagül & Kerim / Volume 2

Shortly after Turkiye'nin Yıldızları was over, Beren recieved a job offer to be the face of TOFITA (a candy product) in a series of commercial videos...

Following the commercials, she played a relatively small role in Aşkımızda Ölüm Var (2004, mini tv series) and after her good performance, she would be given bigger roles in bigger productions in the following years:

Aşka Sürgün (2005, mini tv series)
Hatırla Sevgili ("Remember Darling", 2006-2008, tv series)
Aşk-ı Memnu ("The Forbidden Love", 2008-2010, tv series. http://www.askimemnu.tv/)
Güz Sancısı ("Pains of Autumn", 2009, film)
Gecenin Kanatları ("The Wings of the Night", 2009, film)

and of course finally:

Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne? ("What is Fatmagul's fault?", 2010-?, tv series. http://www.fatmagulunsucune.tv/)

And here are some facts about Beren Saat:

- She was born in February 26, 1984.
- She is 167 cm tall.
- Studied Business and Management in Baskent University, Ankara. In fact, she joined Turkiye'nin Yıldızları while she was still a student.
- Her boyfriend, Efe, passed away shortly after Turkiye'nin Yıldızları was over, at age 19.

To be continued...

Next volume will be about Engin Akyürek (Kerim).

Also, i will make a more detailed post about Efe once i get more information about him & Beren. Some sources i read says that there was a contreversy in Efe and Beren's relationship. Some even claims that Beren and Efe had already broke up before he passed away. So, i didn't want to misinform you guys.

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She is really having a successfull career...I looked at the shows she was part of and I noticed that she worked with really great productions firms such as SIS yapim & AY yapim...I don't know why I feel that Engin was not as successfull as her after all...waiting for your next post to verify it...

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I love her !!!!

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Thank you is not enough for what you are doing generously!

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Amazing acting in commercials, such a change in voice, such a quick but clear talking and sharp but elegant and cute movements. So childish and so sexy... Please do you have any parts of the reality show with beren and engin to show us. Beren is so enjoyable to see... And perhaps she is equally good in comedy, why she is never given a role? Thank you for the interesting posts. 

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