Episode 14 (Trailer)

Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne? Episode 13 Trailer.

What are the papers Mukaddes tears apart?
Why does Kerim say Mukaddes she can't stop Fatmagül.
Who is Asu with in bed?

As usual, they've given us a confusing trailer...


Sosososo said...

Thank's melek and erkan you are fantastic. i just see the second trailer for episode 14 it's amazing. please can you translate it.Thank you in advance soso from Paris

Losha said...

i think mukkades teared the divorce paper, so kerim told her if fatmagul wants wa divorce u can't stop her
as for asu i don't knw actually but it seems that he knw mustafa's story
their is a new trailer that have been released and fatmagul was fighting with mukaddes, and she screamed at kerim, next EP will sure be surprising and interesting , thank u sooo much for ur great effort, highly appreciated

Snoity_81 said...

i think it may be the papers of her studying or her divorce
i think fatmagul wont treat kerim good that easy as she would be in 2 opposite things inside her that she hate him for what he made her miss and his trial to give her a space of freedom to take her disision
i think asu is talking to vural

shada said...

ya Snoity_8 my thoughts exactly

Basma said...

Thanks Melek and Erkaor for your great effort.

lebanon said...

I saw the second trailer translated in arabic on youtube
Fatmagul screams at kerim and tells him that he lied by making her believe he's leaving.

These trailers are frustrating loool. They are made to confuse us

Fatema said...

Thank you so much Melek and Erkaor for your great efforts. cant wait till episode 14 is out

Dalia said...

thank you

Jennifer said...

Jennifer from Canada

Thank you very much for your efforts.

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