Notes: Episode 11

This post includes some notes and explanations for Episode 11. We tried to cover the areas we thought might be confusing for our non-Turkish viewers.

### IMPORTANT ### Don't continue reading if you haven't watched Episode 11 yet, since this post might include spoilers.

(Episode 11: Part 1 & Part 2)


Lokma is the Turkish name for a syrupy, fried, cake-like dessert.


Its taste is similar to tulumba, which our Greek friends might know as touloumba.


The word "lokma" also means "a bite of food" or "a morsel". In Episode 11, Ebe Nine actually makes an unintended pun when she criticizes Mukkades about counting Fatmagul's "lokmas".

You & He/She/It

The Turkish languages uses only one third-person pronoun to mean he, she, and it. This pronoun is o.

When we want to say "he went", we say "o gitti". "O gitti" can also mean "she went" and "it went".

Turkish also uses two second-person pronouns to mean you. They are sen and siz.

Sen is the singular second-person pronoun. Siz is the plural second-person pronoun. Siz is used to address more than one person or in formal settings.

Open University

There is no such thing as college in Turkey. There are only universities, each with different programs for undergraduate, graduate, master's and doctorate students.

In order to qualify to study in the program of your choice, you must take the national university entrance exam, along with 1-2 million other students in Turkey. Departments at each university select students based on their results.

An Open University or Open University Faculty is a university program where students don't have to attend classes but are must must pass certain exams (including midterms and finals) to pass the class.

Kerim graduated from the Business Administration Department of an Open University Faculty. According to Ebe Nine, Kerim took the university entrance exam before serving his military duty. His results qualified him for an Open University, which he finished once returning from his military service.

Ebe Nine's Education

Ebe Nine wanted to be a pharmacist when she was young. After high school, she took the university entrance exam on two separate occasions but didn't score well enough to attend a university with a pharmacy department. Her mother's health problems prevented her from taking the exam again.

I hope this cleared up some things from Episode 11! If you have any other questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.


amwajqtr said...

Thanks aloot for the translation... :)

Al Khaili said...

I like Turkey very very much I like the place the food the people the mosques every thing I like their Inshaalah I will buy house their and live in it

lebanon said...

Thanks a lot, especially for the pronouns. It's very important to know them.

Concerning the lokma we have exactly the same sweet in lebanon, with the same shape, but it is called differently

Alia said...

Hahah i agree with lebanon in the arab world we have the lokma too but in a diffrent name we mostly eat it during ramadan but i don't realy like it though.
And thank you for the translation.

Helen said...

Loukoumades are a very common and popular dessert in Greece they are very tasty with honey and cinnamon sauce .I like my white confectioners sugar

As for touloumbas I have seen them but I have never tasty one
Thanks for analyzing all our question

Arianna Mohiuddin said...

Thank you so much! Interestingly enough, we Indians have a desert very similar to lokma called gulab jamun! Its taste and texture are almost identical to the lokma! Also, I was using Google Translator to get an episode summary for Fatmagulun Sucu ne, and I was surprised to learn that Mukkades means Bible! Or correct me if I'm wrong, lol..once again, great work!!! <3<3

Guest said...

Lokma are a very popular dessert in kuwait but we call it Lokimat

It's wonderful Sweets

thanks for the nots

kuwait said...

Lokma are a very popular dessert in kuwait but we call it Lokimat

It's wonderful Sweets

thanks for the nots

balaansre said...

Kitab-ı Mukaddes means the Bible yes. However, 'Mukaddes' alone means 'Holy, Sacred, Blessed.'

melek said...

You're welcome. :) Thanks for watching!

chemi said...

hello Dear
you are doing a great job in this blog you know
the producers of this series must give you a prize because every body is loving this series more and more because of you you are actually markting it
i feel like it is a series in my native languge i mean i am watching it life on the turkish kanal D and understand it and then enjoy more after i read your great translation
i wish there is a blog like yours for the series ASK VE CEZA its a great series
thanks a million angle
from chemi

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Frenchymely said...

Thank you so much for all your efforts and all the great job that you do ;)

Algerianlove said...

Wow you are so amazing! and dedicated really appreciate everything you do hear from translations and even that extra mile of the notes on the episodes what can i say i am grateful loving this series and its storyline very touching and different which makes it very attracting. Thank you very much excellent job!

Algerianlove said...

Oh and BDW i LOVE Lokma omg its delicious my favourite i can eat it all day! haha we make this in my country too especially in ramadan i had it a lot this year because i was there in Algeria. Sometimes i buy it from the Turkish shop here in the UK. MMMMMM lovely i fancy eating some now! haha

Morocco_Beren said...

well done. thank you very much for your effort. we are following you every day. we love to watch fatmagul'un suçu ne? I am from Morocco. I love Beren Saat performance. She is perfect really perfect. by the way what does mean the word Beren ?

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