Notes: Episode 12

This post includes some notes and explanations for Episode 12. We tried to cover the areas we thought might be confusing for our non-Turkish viewers, and also the areas requested from you guys to be explained.


In Münir's office, Erdoğan sees Kerim's passport and reads the address of Kerim's in Istanbul and he asks "So they live in the other side?".

By "other side" he asks if Kerim lives on the other side of Bosphorus Strait. Istanbul is a city which is situated in both Asia and Europe continents. The Yaşarans live in the Europe side of Istanbul (I don't know which district), while Kerim and his family lives in Üsküdar, a shore district in the Asian side of the city.

"the other side" and "the other or opposite shore" is a common saying when you are referring to a a place which is not in the same continent as you are, in Istanbul.

Turkey and Istanbul's place in the world map

Istanbul is the only metropolis in the world
that is situated on two continents (Asia and Europe)

Satellite view of Istanbul

5th largest city in the world by population, with 12.8 million.

Also Istanbul is, despite not being the capital of Turkey, the most-well known city of Turkey in the world.
The capital of Turkey is Ankara.

You can get all the information about the city of Istanbul, including its history in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Istanbul.


We don't know exactly which sectors/industries the holding operates in, or how they make their money. But we know that they are a very big and powerful company.

The head of the organization seems to be Reşat Yaşaran. Although Perihan Yaşaran doesn't work actively, she still has an influence as Reşat's wife, and the owner of a few of his properties (at least on paper). We can see that Reşat wants her to come to the holding and sign a few papers now and then. And in Episode 12 she talks about giving one of her/their properties to Meltem as a gift. We don't know what kind of a property those are.

As the name suggests, i believe it was created as a family company, then it grew bigger and bigger and became a holding most of whose shares are currently owned by the Yaşaran familiy. Rıfat is Reşat's brother and partner but he obviously has less share and "say" than Reşat in the work related matters in the company. While Selim has a share in the company as Reşat's son, Erdoğan doesn't seem to have any. He is just working there under his uncles command but lately starts to demands more, as he believes he deserves more comparing himself to Selim. (We see that he wants his rightful share in the company, in Episode 1. Hearing this Reşat Yaşaran becomes furious, and he even slaps Erdoğan on the cheek.)

Eventhough it is a business, we can see the influence of the common Turkish family structure and traditions in the company. "Unquestioned respect and trust to elders" makes Rıfat put up with his unfair brother for so long. On the other hand, as a member of new generation, Erdoğan has his eyes and mind more open compared to his father, he can see the injustice that's been done to him and his father and he wants to show a reaction and claim what is rightfully his, unlike what his father did (not) for all these years. He even manages to open his fathers eyes, perhaps a bit too late.

And Münir is responsible of the legal affairs of the company. We don't know if he has a share or just working for his brothers-in-law. We don't know if he knows about Reşat Yaşaran's secret activities. I think he doesn't. Since, if he did know about the new company, he would have already offered Reşat Yaşaran to buy Ebe Nine's properties in their hometown using that new company as a cover, much before that conversation on the dinner table.

But these are all assumptions as they don't give us too much information about the holding.


This isn't an explanation just an opinion. I think this was the key scene in this episode, and the reason of Fatmagul's meaningful glance at the end.

After having such a terrible nightmare, Fatmagul had this urge to go outside perhaps to get some fresh air, but instead; she saw Kerim at the backyard while he was crying there all alone. Seeing the man who ruined her life in tears seemed to have slightly shaken the walls she've been building around her heart since the incident.

Since the rape incident, she's been thinking that everyone in the whole world was against her. Her life was ruined while everyone moved on. But this scene will make her realize there is at least one person who shares her pain, and hurts as much as her.

It doesn't necessarily have to bring Fatmagül and Kerim closer. Perhaps she is a little bit happier now that she saw her greatest enemy is in pain as well. Either way, it was my favourite scene from this episode and great acting from both sides, as always.

There hasn't been a lot of things that needed to be explained in this episode. And we didn't recieve many requests either. So feel free to ask your questions in the comments. 


lebanon said...

Thanks a lot, I loved these notes !

Basma said...

Thanks a lot for all this information

lebanon said...

I have a kind of a difficult request, but if it's too complicated please forget it.

Can you give us a brief on the sentence's constitution in turkish ? (subject, verb, object) because I have the impression that they are not in normal order like in arabic or french or english. And it is very confusing, even when we know the words, it is hard to understand if it is in the 1st or 2nd or 3rd person mode

çok tesekkurlar :$

poppins said...

Thank you for answering my request about the Yaşaran Holding...I was wondering about that since the first episode with the scene between Erdoğan and Reşat...I thought that everything was explained in the show but since I don't know Turkish, I couldn't grasp it...

To me, Münir seems more in Reşat side than his sister side, he is always trying to justify Reşat's acts but may be his only after his own interest after all, no matter whose side it is...

ambia said...

I love these notes. There are very educational and give many insights. Thank you. I also thought the scene where she followed him home was significant in terms of fatmagul softening towards kerim.

Lolo :) said...

Thank you Again :p I hope that Fatmagul and Kerim get closer to each other and eventualy I hope she forgives him for what he did.

Dazedeshoo said...

your the best.!!!!!!! Thank you so much for doing this.

Dazedeshoo said...

can you please translate Episode 13 Trailer. THNX.

laurausa said...

Thank you much..regarding the dream..I think when she saw Mustafa building the chest(for the girl he's marrying) he was angry not smiley..and he didn't tell her the girl was her..that meens he's not marrying her..and he's mad..then she saw the hands hurting ..she screamed and asked him why his hands are hurt..but it turned out to be kerim's ..I guess this meens..that Kerim is her husband..and he is hurt..thats when she got out to see Kerim crying which meens he was really hurting for her..and the following day she learns Mustafa has a new girl/friend..which explains her dream that mustafa didn't say she's the girl he's marrying..and he was mad at her..Thats why Fatmagul said he doesn't love her anymore...and he moved with his life..( its just my opinion)

Losha said...

thank u sooo much, god bless u for helping poor people like us :) :)

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Thanks for the notes ;) can we have please episode 2 before thursday , thanks again :)

Laloe__ said...

I have a question, do the burned hands of mustapha in Fatmagul's nightmare have a meaning? Cause suddenly the burned hands turn to be Kerim's ?

Algerianlove said...

I believe you are right that was a key scene for Fatmagul and Kerim! it was definitely my favourite so far of them!....I think that she almost felt relief that he was in pain but at the same time she is so kind she might of thought it was sad to see him crying and in pain because its almost as if she was looking in to a mirror of what she feels. Excellent episode and great job with subs and love the notes gives so much more background and depth in order to understand the things that are going on better! your a STAR. x

Algerianlove said...

I loved her dream i think that was also a key part of the film there is definitely a significant meaning behind this and i feel that later in the series they might even reflect back on it...i think the burned hands show a guilt of some kind but also a injustice it would be good to get people thinking about what this might have meant... I did forget about this part thanks for reminding me x

Algerianlove said...

Good thought interesting to see what people think it might mean! x

Algerianlove said...

I just saw the trailer for episode 13 in Turkish wow looks very interesting!! when can we get the subs for that much appreciated THANKS A MILLION! x

relaxed snail said...

Thank you for your most informative and interesting blog.

One of the most puzzling relationships here is that between Rahmi and Mukaddes. I wonder how these 2 ended up together and what is the history with these 2? It is obvious that Rahmi is slow and slightly intellectually handicapped. Watching her treatment of Rahmi is so difficult- It is obvious that he is such a sweet simple minded man, that it seems "wrong' that a woman like Mukades can prey on him and exploit him so horribily. Would be grateful if any light can be shed on these 2, and what your speculations are about these 2.

T-alnajjar said...

what an amazing and organized work.I enjoy every thing in this blog .all this hard ,time consuming work is for us.Unbelievable!!!! you are an angel, thanks alot.

chocolate lover said...

Hey, I had a question about Fatmagul's dowry chest. I read something in an article about Turkish wedding traditions, and I was wondering if this is why she got so mad at Mukaddes?

"In Turkey, girls also prepare for their weddings from an early age. In the old days, preparation for a girl's trousseau started at birth. Throughout a girl's youth, sheets, bedding, carpets and other handmade embroidered goods were prepared which she then took to her new home after marriage. Today, the custom is still present but contains different objects. Things such as upperware may take the place of carpets. Although some families do things differently, generally the couple's future house is furnished by both respective families. The bride's family furnishes the kitchen and bedroom, the groom’s the living room and some appliances. The most important tradition that has carried over to modern times is the intense involvement of the families in the marriage, from the preparation to the ceremony and beyond. Yes, American families are involved with their children's weddings, but according to my friends, not to this extent. This is where I met my culture-shock Waterloo."
Source: http://www.todayszaman.com/news-156819-wedding-dreams.html

Thanks so much!! Teşekkürler

Christinahodeib said...

Thanx for the great feedback about the episodes... your work guys is just amazing...
I agree too that the nightmare scene and the F/K scene were the best and the most important. I could clearly see that seeing Kerim crying was a great relief for Fatmagul... she stopped crying for a bit the minute she saw him crying.. I could also sense triumph in the way she looked back at him.. I felt relieved for her as well.
There is also a significant change in Fatmagul's attitudes in general this episode. Her constant contact and exchanges with Ebe Nine made her more articulate, even if it was Rahmi who was listening. It was for the first time that we see Fatmagul speaking in an accusative tone about Mustafa: "he is as guilty as the rest of them." She would always defend him previously, which kind of annoyed me because it would have given a somehow negative aspect to her character; not being able to see injustice or prejudice outside the stereotypical ideology of the town folks!!!!! I also liked the scene where she was telling Ebe Nine about her misery concerning Mustafa.
All in all, it was a great episode, and am waiting for the better yet to come.

Erkan said...

The basic sentence constitution is: subject, object, verb. Like "Ben okula gittim" which means "I went to school" in English.

'Ben' means 'I'.
'Okula' means 'to school'.
'Gittim' means '(I) went'.

But this order can change according to which word you want to put emphasis on. Generally, the word that comes before the verb has the emphasis in the sentence. (If you say 'Okula ben gittim" then the emphasis is on 'ben' which is the subject. While in "Ben okula gittim', the emphasis was on "Okul' the object.)

There is more to say about the sentense constitution, but perhaps it deserves a seperate, better organized post, as I don't want to confuse you even more here.

Dalia said...

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I will patiently wait for your seperate post :D

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You are so sweet. thank you so much for all the translations and the notes.Because of all that you do we are geting to know the beautiful turkish people.

Roaya said...

I wanted to hold mustafa's hand only" " Fatmagül said in the first part
so I think the burned hands meaning he does'nt help her(he can'nt help her)and kerim how will give her ahand not mustafa .
thanks fo the great Blog

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