Don't Panic

I'm aware of the problem concerning watching some of the old videos. I don't know why some of the older videos don't work anymore.

I've already sent an e-mail to the coder of the embedded video player we're using in our blog. He's looking into it as well, he's still investigating the issue. Hopefully soon it'll get fixed.

If the problem persists, we're planning to try new methods. So do not panic.

In meantime you can watch the 'problematic' episodes using the alternative way which was already explained here.

UPDATE (Feb 1st):

"It appears to be a problem on YouTube's side, people are complaining about this on youtube/google's dev forums (me included), so I think they'll fix it soon," said the coder of the embedded video player we use in our pages.

And he added, "Ok, after a bit of research I found out the reason for this. It is the following update by YouTube , in which they are pulling AS2 Youtube Chromeless API support for 'certain videos' - those videos being those they would like to monetize by showing ads, which is not possible for YouTube in a chromeless AS2 player. Overstream player is a legacy one written in AS2 (ActionScript 2) and uses the Youtube Chromeless API, therefore it was affected by this. To make this problem go away, I will either need to find a suitable AS3 player or use the regular YouTube AS2 player (with their buttons). Even so I am not sure what things will look like when the subtitles would appear on top of an ad..."

This means, we have to be patient and wait while it is -hopefully- getting fixed. Or use the alternative methods.

You'll be updated. Stay tuned.


Naym2010 said...

thank you for your effert so much. but since i am a cave woman when it comes to these things i will just wait. besides i think i have memorized every world of it. but when i start forgetting i will try to go through these steps if i have to. thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you :)))))

Dorothy said...

I believe that Ask ve ceza is a very interesting series. Good plot, good acting, a lot of agony for future episodes. I am very sorry that there are no english subtitles. I am greek and i do not speak any turkish. It is just that I have started understanding a lot of things by just watching turklish tv series. Fatmagul is an excellent series.

Helen said...

gia sou ke ego ime elinida ....welcome :-)

Newy said...

xa xa kai alli ellinida apo edo :)) xania kriti....geia sou helen!!

Helen said...

Newy siga siga da ginoume poles :-)

Dazedeshoo said...

Erkan : Thank you so much for episode 19 update. Yo u have spoiled us with the translation. Thnx. a Million.

ambia said...

Thanks for the update!

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