Episode 15 Part 1

Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne? Episode 15 part 1 English fan-subtitles.

I'll try to make Part 2 ready for tomorrow. Don't worry, it'll be here before new episode :)  Enjoy!


Sqassim said...

Thanks a million, you are the best!

AlexaSaat said...

Erkan we all lone you, thank you.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AlexaSaat said...

i mean love you

ambia said...

Can not thank you enough!

Christinahodeib said...

Thank you so much and happy new year Erkan and Melek and all of you.

Atalantagt said...

Thank very much, I hate fatmagul´s sister in law, this woman is stupid and is to blame for many problems with Kerin and Fatmagul. I´m waiting for the second part.

Helen said...

Thank you Erkan :-)...and sorry for the pressure.

Sqassim said...

Dear Erkan& Melek, do you know the location of the shooting of this serial? We are in Istanbul now and we are desperately looking forward to seeing any of the actors of this great serial. Pls tell us if you know any of the locations !

Guest said...

Thank You so much!! I love the turkish culture and thank you for promoting it for the people from other countries

Erkan said...

Hello, their house is in Beykoz- Anadolu Hisarı.

Search for "Anadolu Hisarı" in Google Maps.

Jema said...

Sagolun Erkan!!
This is the dearest New Year gift!

Erkan said...

And good luck finding them, say hello :))

Silvig said...

This was a great episode. I wasn't expecting the ending but obviously if this show is going to have numerous amount of episodes they need the drama. Anyway, thanks for the translations. You both are doing a great job.

For those of you that are as obsessed with this show as I am here is a summary for episode 16 from a reliable source. Thanks! Happy New Year to all of you.

The summary of Episode 16:

The Title: Fatmagül and Mustafa are in the same house!

Kerim goes to police after Fatmagül runs away from home. However, it will be hard to ask for help when he is keeping the truths from the police.

The news of Fatmagül's runs away reaches to Yaşaran’s Family by Mukaddes!
When Meltem hears this news, events are thoroughly mixed.

Enise is the only person that Fatmagül knows in Istanbul, so it’s the only refuge for her…
Fatmagül is completely unaware where she fall.

While they are waiting anxiously at home and looking for her..
Fatmagül has no intention to return at home and to have a confrontation with Kerim (about why she kept the letter..and why she lied to him..ect..She’s scared and she have no answer..the poor.. even I’m pretty sure that all he needs is her presence beside him and that he won’t ask her a single question..)

Asu is not quiet because of keeping Fatmagül at her home. In one side Mustafa and in the other Fatmagül.. She is finally so scared..

Mustafa feels embarrassed because he didn’t answer Asu’s call ..so, he went to her house to apologize when Fatmagül is alone at home!

Dana said...


Thank you for your translation, I hope u and melek spent a happy holiday

great Episode


This woman is the queen of part 1 with her confusing personality

I donot Know If she's Jealous of Fatima or fear for here interest

At the same time


the gifts Scene when he turn off the lights it's so sad , it's hard to love someone

who doesn't love you And doesn't accept u.


forgive kerem please please

Mustafa, I hate u becauseu are selfish man u saw Fatma in hospital

Any sane person will know she's a rape victim .


u will destroy your selfs

Dazedeshoo said...

Erkan: Thank You so much. I just hope Asu and her friend don't pressure Fatmagul to work for them, that would be a shame.

Latifa said...

Thank you for the summary.

Losha said...

thank u sooo much i enjoyed this EP very much, specially the gift scene, and i loved ebe nine present to mukaddes loool :D thak again

A--m--z said...

Thank you my brother
Great work
God bless

newy said...

thank u for the summary :)))

chemi said...

thank u Erkan u are a real angle happy new year wish u the best
happy new year for all (Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne?) fans best wish to u

Naiddk said...

God bless you and thnk you sooooooo much,please keep on.

Aidahash said...

Thanks a lot Erkan for EP :) am waiting for Part 2 as well :)

Aida !

Aidahash said...

Erkan ...

what about EP 3,4,5,6,7 and 8 with the subtitle ;) ? is it possible to upload them ?


Julia said...

Just some thoughts after reading the comments...
I was also wondering which part of Uskudar they lived in and kept looking to see if anything was familiar. I lived in Baglarbasi area of Uskudar :) I'm glad someone asked about this. I can imagine how scary it must be for turkish villagers to move to Istanbul. Even i found it unsettling just to cross the Bosphorus sstrait to the other side. Turks told me they feel the same :)
I'm starting to see Mukaddes in a more empathetic light, even though she is so evil. She also has lost many dreams and so she takes revenge on others.

Julia said...

I'm starting to think it's impossible to hate anyone in this series except the Yasarans. They're all so complex and their actions and feelings are often a result of traditional culture as in the example of Mustafa. He acts this way toward Fatmagul because of social values and loyalty to his family, something that's so strong there.

silvig said...

Hi everyone!

Here is the translation for the second trailer for bolum 16 from another site. Enjoy!


Fatmagül - Yes I am carrying the biggest hatred of all. But you are carrying remorse and a guilty conscience. Now tell me whose burden is heavier to carry??

Rahmi - Fatmagül ran away because of you.
Mukaddes - He does not say my sister is a hussy but he shamelessly blames me.
Kerim - If you say one more word I will KILL YOU.

kERİM: What what? what the hell do you want? why do you keep calling me?
Munir: what if the girl slips up and tells the truth? what will happen then?
asu: why did you break up from your fiance.
fatmagül: because of other people.
meltem: fatmagül has ran away
asu: so did they tell you to Marry Kerim?
fatmagül: they forced me to marry him.
munir: fatmagül is like a time bomb for all of us now.
selim: are you crazy? you are throwing us all into the fire. what if you get drunk and tell him everything?

erdoğan: we ruined that girl's life. we are monsters.

Asu - what about your ex fiance? maybe you should call him and tell him all this?

AlexaSaat said...

thank you silvig

egy said...

silvig thank you so much

egy said...

erkan thank you so much for your great effort and perfect translation

Haha02010 said...

I think the scene who Fatmagul crying (Fragman 16) 0,08 is after he saw Mustafa with the Flower in the door

megan said...

it's really sad. it's like he's in the dog house (permanently).

Megan said...

I agree. the characters are well developed so that they have many layers to their personalities; that's what makes the show so interesting. You can tell how much Mustafa loved (loves?) fatamgul based on the earlier episodes and that's not something that goes away. i think his behavior is a product of many things including his values and of course frustration at the whole situation. If you notice, Mustafa is very uncomfortable when he was in that girl's house ("enise") and covered himself with the sheet when she came into his room, also he pulled away from her when she went to touch his face (ep 14 when he was talking to her about his mother's illness and Mustafa's parents were watching). I think he still feels loyal to fatmagul. also, it could be his values too.

silvig said...

I didn't notice the flowers in the fragman but you have a good point. I have a feeling she will realize they are in a relationship and return home. She's not gonna stay with "Enise" while she is with Mustafa. Or if she is unaware of who is at the door, I think the prostitution thing might lead to her return. For instance, Kerim will save her after that man tries to force her into this line of work. Then she will finally understand that he really cares and we can move on from the constant fighting. Just my thoughts.

julia said...

Is it just me or does anyone else feel very protective towards Fatmagul and also have strong feelings for the characters - as if they're family ? The acting is so amazing - i've never cared so much for tv characters :)

janajelly said...

I wonder if Meryem and Kerim ever told them Kerim bought all those presents, of course, Meryem Abla took the credit, I feel bad for Kerim

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