Episode 16 Part 2

Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne? Episode 16 Part 2 English subtitles.


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Translation of Episode 17 summary posted by Moonbeam on Huniliyiz.net:

Episode 17

Fatmagül is in danger!

Fatmagül faces great dangers in Asu’s house. The first danger at the threshold is Mustafa. On the other hand, Kerim who is looking for Fatmagül day and night learns Enise’s real identity. Now he is more anxious for Fatmagül.
The knowledge that the woman after Fatmagül is prostitute Asu changes everything. Thinking Yaþarans laid the trap for Fatmagül Kerim attacks them. Everyone pulls out their swords (metaphorically).
With things happening one after the other Fatmagül learns what the woman in whose house she looked for shelter and whose name she thought was Enise does for a living and who she is with. After big events she manages to escape. By the time Kerim finds Asu’s house Fatmagül is gone. Now it will be even more difficult to find Fatmagül in huge Ýstanbul.
Just at the moment when solutions run out, desperation brings Fatmagül to Kerim's feet.

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That episode was AMAZING!
I blam Kerim for not putting Mikkades on her place from the beging, she's treating Fatmagul badly and he's just watching! I feel so sorry for her she can't trust anyone even Enise (Asu) will disappont her. I can't imagine how it can happen when Mustafa & FG will meet!!!!

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