FSN Characters in Alternate Universes

A new contribution by angel2000. If you liked "FSN goes to Southpark", you'll definitely love to see "Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne?" characters in their alternative universes!

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Kerim is a wonder of the world

Asu is a sweet girl who hangs out with Taylor 

Rahmi is word renown snowboarder

Meltem is still hunting for the truth

Mustafa is still a weirdo

Resat Yasaran is a russian mafioso with a softspot for kitties

Mukaddes is a little angel
Selim thinks he's Kivanc

Munir is a famous DJ

Ebe nine is a heroine in action films 

Erdogan is a fugitive wanted in the wild wild west 

Fatmagul gets Robert Pattison. I think that's recompense enough! 

And Vural is sunbathing on my island

All credits and thanks to angel2000 @    forum.whatisfatmagulsfault.com.

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Episode 21 Part 1

Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne? Episode 21 Part 1 english subtitles. (In some web-browsers, clicking on the link will automatically download the subtitles, while in other web-browsers you will need to right-click and save the file manually.)


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day

It's shame Fatmagül and Kerim can't celebrate it this year. Maybe next year? :)

Thanks to seredie for this nice video. Visit her channel for more videos.


FSN goes to Soutpark

What would happen if FSN (Fatmagul'un Suçu Ne?) crew went to Southpark?

While you wait for Episode 21 to be translated, check out below the amazing work "angel2000" posted in our forum.


So, I haven't been a southpark fan since season 1 but for some reason I was sitting around and thought...What would our beloved FGSN look like if they were to invade SouthPark?

Reşat Yaşaran
Reşat Yaşaran
Age: 59 years old
Occupation: Husband Of Perihan Yaşaran and part time businessman. 
Most memorable line: "Um,um Hayatım...."



Don't Panic 2

First of all I know that you can't watch most of the videos in this blog right now. Thanks for your mails and letting me know about the issue.

But as I repeated a few times already, please "Don't Panic" :) I'll continue translating the show and you'll be able to watch it one way or another.

Here is a good way:

In the page called "How to watch it?" there are two methods as to how you can watch the show.

Method A currently doesn't work due to the problem explained here (I'm hoping this is a temporary problem, which will be fixed soon.)

However Method B works, and it will always work, no matter what (As long as Ayyapım uploads the episodes on Youtube). So it maybe wise to learn that method. I know some of you already use that method. And I suggest everyone to use it for now. It isn't as complicated as it may sound! Hopefully that helps so you can keep enjoying your favourite tv show.

Good luck and stay tuned!