Don't Panic 2

First of all I know that you can't watch most of the videos in this blog right now. Thanks for your mails and letting me know about the issue.

But as I repeated a few times already, please "Don't Panic" :) I'll continue translating the show and you'll be able to watch it one way or another.

Here is a good way:

In the page called "How to watch it?" there are two methods as to how you can watch the show.

Method A currently doesn't work due to the problem explained here (I'm hoping this is a temporary problem, which will be fixed soon.)

However Method B works, and it will always work, no matter what (As long as Ayyapım uploads the episodes on Youtube). So it maybe wise to learn that method. I know some of you already use that method. And I suggest everyone to use it for now. It isn't as complicated as it may sound! Hopefully that helps so you can keep enjoying your favourite tv show.

Good luck and stay tuned!


Wendy said...

It's Okey thank you for the explanation and for your concern, really you"re doing great job! Personnaly thus blog encourage me to watch the show cause the transalion is clean and smart and also I'm learning many turkish expressions beetween, so it's great :)) Thank you again dear admins!
Episode 20 is amazing, can't wait for tomorrow!!

utopia76 said...

Hi Erkan thanks for the explanation, just had two questions, 1 will we have to do one of the methods also for the new episodes you will load or just the older ones? 2 i have youtube downloader and vlc player but when i open the vlc player to play the episode i downloaded through youtube it wont allow me to drag the subtitles, ive tried to follow your step about the subtitle but it dont work :(

A--m--z said...

I have no problem .. I can watch the video
Thank you very much for everything you do for us
waiting you tomorrow ..good night

Erkan said...


1) New ones maybe able to work for a few days. But after a few days, or a week; they will stop working as well. (Unless this problem will be fixed.)

2) I did the same, it works for me.

What you need to do is:

1- double-click the downloaded video to open it.
2- drag the downloaded srt (subtitle) file into the video that you've just opened.

if dragging sounds complicated, you can open the subtitle from the VLC player's menu

video>subtitle track>open file

hope that helps :)

Ghussoun said...

<<<<<<<<<<< still waiting for Episode 20 :( :(

Emanuela Matzeu said...

Method B works perfect for me, was finally able to watch the old episodes :)

Hafsa said...

thank u so much for the info:) method B works perfectly, ur wonderful :)

Shada Rabi said...

stil doest work im guessing its cause i use a MAC :( but thanks so much for trying i really appreciate it

Ema said...

Hey Shada, since we both use Mac, you do have new Flash Player, your Mac is new?
You will need this for start...

egy said...

Hi utopia76

you can watch it by giving the same name for both the video (avi format) and the srt file (eg fatmagul.avi and fatmagul.srt) and put both files in the same folder and just play the video using vlc player it'll work without needing to drag the subtitles

i use (atube catcher) to download youtube videos

egy said...

thank you erkan
can't wait for part 1
your translation is perfect and make us enjoy the show more

Fatma_fathy61 said...

Thanks too much for the great effort u r doing for us, and for ur perfect translation . you promise and do. i personally learn from u learn how to deal with others in a smart ,honest and polite way, and learn also some words of turkish language which i hope to be able to have it fluentelly. God bless you.

Souadsah said...

please tell me episode 20 will be up tonight i've been waiting since thursday!!

Erkan said...

Don't worry. It'll be up tonight between 21:30 - 22:00.

Shada Rabi said...

im using my macbook pro which i got last year to download, im not using the new air. maybe my pro isnt updated. let me see.


Souadsah said...

i am so pissed, i couldn't download the episode, and i was so waiting for it! please guys help!

Dazedeshoo said...

Me 2. I can't download. Erkan Please HELP

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