FSN goes to Soutpark

What would happen if FSN (Fatmagul'un Suçu Ne?) crew went to Southpark?

While you wait for Episode 21 to be translated, check out below the amazing work "angel2000" posted in our forum.


So, I haven't been a southpark fan since season 1 but for some reason I was sitting around and thought...What would our beloved FGSN look like if they were to invade SouthPark?

Reşat Yaşaran
Reşat Yaşaran
Age: 59 years old
Occupation: Husband Of Perihan Yaşaran and part time businessman. 
Most memorable line: "Um,um Hayatım...."


Asu aka Asude aka Enise
Age: Mid 20's
Occupation: We all know
Most memoreble line: "Ya Manyak misin beh?" Must say thet I don't pay much attention to what she says. 

Selim Yaşaran

Selim Yaşaran
Age: 20's. 
Occupation: Being a loser and mama's boy and running after Melten like a lost puppy. 
Most memorable line: "çok içmiştik dayı...Ne olur ? Birşeyi yap."


Kerim Ilgaz 
Age: Who cares? OH Kerim!!!! 
Occupation: Knight in shining armor and perfect hair 
Most memoreble line: "Boşanmayacağim, seni bırakmayacagım" and "Ben o kızı seviyorm galiba" among many others.


Mukkades Ketenci
 Age:late 30s 
Occupation: Making Fatmagül's life a living hell and showing cleavage. 
Most memorable line: Anything that comes shooting out of her mouth.


Age: 35 going on 9 
Occupation: Asking Mukkades whta to do and then doing it. 
Most memorable line:" Ben Kasdeşim bırakmayacagım"

Ender Hanım

Ender Alagöz 
Occupation: Politician's wife. 
Most memorable line:"Niye evet dedin Selime?"


Münir Dayı 
Age: Unknown as he isn't human. 
Occupation: Keeping the A**es of the Yaşaran family members out of jail. (Busy man) 
Most memorable line: "Allah kahretsin!"


Erdoğan Yaşaran 
Age: mid 20's 
Occupation: Devil's advocate 
Most memorable line: "Mustafa! (high pitched voice sound effect)


Occupation: Fisherman>chauffer>Cowardly millionaraire and tied for most hated man in Turkey Most memorable line: nothing. Everything just goes in one ear and out the other.


Meltem Alagöz 
Occupation: Wearing inappropiate clothing. Will spent most of her time trying to figure out how to get herself out of the deep poo she got herself into. 
Most memorable line: "Boşanayacağim senden, Boşanayacağim"


Emre the nosey yet likable neighbor 
Occupation: Fisherman and future private detective. 
Most memorable line:"....Enise de öyle kadınlardanmış"

Mustafa's Mom

Mustafa's Dad

Musti's overbearing dad and mom 
Age: late 50's+ 
Occupation: Bad parenting 
Most memorable line: Do they have any? ( I'm sure they do)

Occupation: Trying to decide if he feels guilty....or not. Doing whatever stupid things Erdogan says. 
Most memorable line: "Sen o gece, Hiç birşey yapmadın..." . O Vural, We had hopes for you.

Sami the creep 
Accupation: Pimping his only employee 
Most memorable line:"Yapma abi" (like a chicken when Asu was being beaten)

İsmail Bey

Ismail bey 
Age: too old to be behaving like this. 
Occupation: intimidating and beating people around. 
Most memorable line: "Telefonuda ver!" 

Meryem aka. Ebe Nine

Ebe Nine
Occupation: Stressing out over everything and making Herbal experiments 
Most memorable line: "ışte buraya kadar, Reşat Yaşaran!" I love how her eyes spit fire when she says his name :>) 


Fatmagül ılgaz 
Occupation: Suppressing her feelings for Kerim and finding new and creative ways to punish him. Most memorable lines: " Hadi Kalk, sakın ölme" "Evim Yaktin, evimizi. Umudum Yaktin, beni yaktin Mustafa!"

Perihan Hanım

Peri hanım 

Age: Not sure but we know she's older than Reşat Bey

Occupation: Housewife. Pretending she doesn't know about her husband's extra curricular activities and making Reşat walk on his tippy toes.
Most memorable line:"Münir, bu kadın burda, Fatmagülün yengesi". actually I don't remember any others 

Şemsettin Bey

Vural's Dad 

Age: From the look of the fro, kinda old
Occupation: It seems to be reading newspapers and travelling. Maybe a pilot?
Most memorable line: Have we ever heard him speak? 

Leman Hanım

Vurals's mom

Age:Late 40's
Occupation: Keeping tabs on Münir.
Most memorable line:"çıldıracağım senden" speaking to Vural after the drug bust incident 


All credits and thanks to angel2000 @    forum.whatisfatmagulsfault.com.

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Angel, this was truly the funniest thing ever, totally loved it ;)

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LOL...............its so freaking funny

I liked Mukaddes the most

yasemin said...

This is brilliant, angel !! Loved it !!

Naym2010 said...

omg i would have never thought of that now i keep picturing my self and my kids and everyone i see as a south park character. this is so funny and brilliant. and my favorite was Rahmi.

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i loved Erdoğan most memorable line Mustafa! hehehe

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OMG!!! Can't stop laughing XD
My favorite: Münir Dayı , Age: Unknown as he isn't human. :p
For Mukaddes, I think "Tübe tübe" is her best quote :p

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Hahahaha love these they are super koool!! x

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OMG soooooooo funny, my favorite is..... ALL of them :D :D :D thanks for sharing can you make more that will be fun :):):)

laurausa said...

Love it love it love it..OMG!!! Great work...I love all of them ..my fav is Mustafa's most memorable line:nothing, everything goes in one ear and gets out the other!!! genious..and so true!! kerim line also can be( I don't know how to write it in turkish)but its him asking FG (are you ok?) I think (eme sin..???) and Meriam abla freaking out about averything and saying Rashat Yasharan!!! gosh I can't stop laughing..:::))) loveeeeee it....!!!!

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LOL very funny and creative
I love " Kerim Ilgaz
Age: Who cares? OH Kerim!!!! "

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So funny and so true. Great job I looooove it !!!

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the new trailer is out!!! :D
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Şemsi is my favorite :) 

and Asu aka Asude aka Enise aka Hacer (her real name)


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