Episode 27 Part 2

Fatmagul'un  Sucu Ne? Episode 27 Part 2 English subtitles. Enjoy!


Episode 27 Part 1

Fatmagul'un  Sucu Ne? Episode 27 Part 1 English subtitles. Enjoy!


FSN: The Diaper Years

Hello everyone,

For those who are not regularly visiting our forum, I am posting angel's new creative work here to give you your daily dose of FSN as you wait for Episode 27 subtitles. Part 1 will be up tomorrow.




Notes: Episode 25

We haven't been posting "Notes" in our blog for months. Now a decent amount of things that deserve explanation were piled up. I hope these notes will be useful for you to understand the show better. Feel free to tell me in comments what else you would want to be explained and I'll try to include them in my next "Notes:" blog post.


Piyaz (Turkish: piyaz, from Persian: پیاز) is a kind of Turkish salad or meze that is made from any kind of dry beans with hard-boiled egg and vegetables. Common additional ingredients include onion, parsley and sumac. (Wikipedia.org)

Kerim, Fatmagül and Ebe Nine ordered Piyaz at the restaurant with three portions of Köfte (meatballs).


Important Note Regarding ViKi.com

Our channel  seems to be back for now. I don't know for how long. ViKi.com has apparently gone for a change in their policies. And they will (probably) re-evaluate and investiage the duplicate issue regarding our channel. Still waiting for an answer from ViKiCM (their admin, I think). But I'm patient, I'm sure he's a very busy person, dealing with hundreds of people like me.




Fat(MANGA)l'ün Suçu Ne?

Do you like japanese anime and manga? Then let angel2000 take you to manga world and show you how FSN characters would look like as manga characters.




What if... Just what if, FSN SUCKed?

"What if... Just what if, FSN SUCKed?" thanks for courtesy of angel2000 @ forum.whatisfatmagulsfault.com

Some of the photos is a little bit scary. So, you've been warned!