Episode 25 Part 2

Fatmagul'un  Sucu Ne? Episode 25 Part 2 English subtitles. Enjoy!


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Thank you soo much....for a non-turkish speaker these translations mean alot to me....thank you for all your efforts and please keep it up!!! :D

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thanks Erkan so much.. my god i just discovered the forum. my god its a whole different world out there and i love it. i becoming obsessed with it. i am not even allowing my self to watch other series i feel like am cheating on fg and kerem lol. no but really other series seem so horrable when you are watching this show. :))

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Translated by Moonbeam on Huniliyiz.net:

Kosova tip for episode 27

FATMAGÜL-KERÝM: "Shut up" "I love you" "Shut up Shut up" "I love you" "I said shut up!!!!"

They are speaking over each other, being obstinate with each other... this is the continuation of the last scene but not immediately

Fatmagül won't say shut up instantly

Fatmagül is surprised with Kerim's confession. But during that conversation she will not react different than what we expect. However, later she will take a step towards Kerim that we don't expect. This isn't a confession, not a declaration of love. (She will pour her heart out to Kerim) This will be good for Fatmagül. This step will encourage her to take other steps about her life.

This will be a very emotional scene and Fatmagül and Kerim will be alone.

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Superb episode, cannot wait for the next one. Your channel makes my day. Thanks

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Translated by Moonbeam on Huniliyiz.net:

Bisena tips for Episode 27:

Kerim: I fell in love with you at first sight :img-in_lo :img-in_lo :img-in_lo

As Kerim puts all he has kept inside until now into his beloved's hands Fatmagül is not willing to take or leave the love in her hands... Because neither taking nor leaving it is easy... Above all, trusting is not easy at all.

Ebe Nine notices Fatmagül and Kerim are arguing.
That scene in the trailer.. It's an important scene.. Fatmagül for the first time can't remain indifferent to what Kerim says.. She pours out all she has accumulated inside as well... She takes another step to heal. Ebe Nine even starts looking for a doctor for her.

Kerim and Fatmagül learn that Mustafa is in the hospital.
Erdoðan makes new plans. This time the plan is of a kind to get Kerim in trouble too...
Kerim takes one more step towards Fatmagül. Right when everything is going well a phone call to Kerim is about to mess things up again...

KERÝM : So what do you say?
FATMAGÜL: Let's go then.
KERÝM: OK... I will call and make a reservation immediately.

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Episode 27 Summary Translation:

When Kerim tells FG that he loves her, FG is so shocked and angry; it overpowers even her own, still hidden and denied feelings. With FG’s anger and rejection, Kerim loses all hope and is sorry that he confessed his love,for he believes that his confession of love pushed them further apart.

Mukaddes returns home with Rahmi and Ebe Nine, but while knowing that she has no power or authority in the house anymore, she still tries to keep her head up. With Leman's and Münir's affair becoming public, the Yaþarans and their surroundings are under tremendous stress.

Reþat feels shame and embarrassment towards Meltem's parents and is very angry at Münir; Erdoðan wants to use this information for his own benefit.

With everyone worried that Vural is going to go further with his destructive attitude, Erdoðan wants to make sure that Vural is not left alone.

FG's feelings and emotions are in total confusion and turmoil. She knows that she wants to believe K, but the fact that she can't makes her angrier and causes her to take her anger out on K, Despite living in the same house, FG tries not to run into K, and takes a big step towards her healing, by taking Ebe Nine's suggestion to get assistance!

Erdoðan thinks that Vural will be an opportunity for him but it won’t be. However, the last events will be a great obstacle for Kerim and Fatmagül.

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I am from Egypt, and the series is currently shown on TV with Arabic dubbing, but I thank you because you give me the chance to learn Turkish through matching it with your English translation. I really enjoy it and I thank you again

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