Episode 27 Part 2

Fatmagul'un  Sucu Ne? Episode 27 Part 2 English subtitles. Enjoy!


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thank you erkan for the great translation :)

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You're welcome :) Next post will be Notes about Episode 26 and 27. So feel free to ask your questions that you want to be explained and included in the next post.

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Translated by Myriam on Huniliyiz.net

Kosova Tips

The prosecutor : what do you say ?
Fatmagul: yes I will complain... (I want to prosecute)

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hello erkan, thank you again for the translation. Did you like the last episode ? Do you think Kerim will go in jail ? I think the show is very logic ! I like you comment that why i ask you. from paris

Claire said...

When FG received her salary and went to the shop, what did she buy and said that she wants to collect it. Is it gold or is there a meaning behind it?

Thanks again Erkan, i am letting everyone know about FGSN and this website, it is the best.

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Posted by Myriam on Huniliyiz.net


Kerim wants to show Fatmagül his love. That's why he went to the police. This will be the start of a hard time for Fatmagül. Fatmagül has to report them, because otherwise they wouldn’t get punished. Fatmagül will know that this will be a very hard step, which will make her very sad. But she will decide to take this step

Mukaddes will feel anxiously because of the deal she did with the Yaþarans at the beginning. That's why she will be very afraid. Ebe nine will try finding an advocate who will help them. She will call an old friend of Galip in Izmir (Galip is the one who worked with Kerim and died when they came to Istanbul).

The name of the advocate is Kadir. Kadir lost his wife, because she had a bad affliction. He's alone with this pain. Erdoðan and Selim are at the place where the accident happened. Erdoðan wants to find out what exactly happened because he thinks that Vural went to Fatmagül before he had the accident!!

Fatmagül will get stronger after seeing her enemies again. She will understand that she took a right decision. Kadir will listen to her story and he will be next to them. Fatmagül will feel very strong. Reþat is going to feel bad because of Erdoðan. He still thinks that Erdoðan has bad plans. Erdoðan will enjoy the situation between Asu and Mustafa. In a sudden moment, everything will change for the Yaþarans. The police will come and now it's time to admit everything.

Tips for episode 29 (Unknown Source)

(Vural suffered temporary memory loss.)
The police notified the prosecution's attempt to self-arrest warrant.
Vural: Fatmagül who? So I do not know any of that.

A new character will join the series Dr Nazihe (probably the psychologist)

Tips for episode 29

-The series will make more concrete steps. Everybody will get what he deserves. Fatmagül will begin to get better. She will get this energy from Kerim
-It's not a Joke. Kerim will confess everything. The Police will find out everything. They will also call Fatmagül..

Fatmagül and Kerim will stay apart for a while. Fatmagül will understand that she misses him. The scene when she begins to wear her ring again will be very beautiful…
-There are very nice days for Fatmagül and Kerim but this takes time..
-Everybody will get what he deserves in a slowly way. But this will be real punishment not only 'feeling bad'.

SA said...

Posted by Myriam on Huniliyiz.net

Here another Tip: (but I don’t know how much the source is faithful)

There is a possibility that Fg won't report Kerim. There will be another new character. Gaye’s or Kristin’s mother, they're not sure now. Kristin used to come 5 episodes before but she came now and this has a reason. It's very important. She'll help Kerim.

To stay alone a while will be a great lesson for Fg. From now on she will fight for Kerim. Kerim won't fight anymore, and he will say this to Fg.

Episode 30 and 31 are turning points, these are two very important episodes.

The ring-situation will be solved because Fg will wear the ring again. She will wear it with her own volition not by force …the Fragman is tricking us. We will see very clearly that she loves Kerim from the start of this episode… this episode is full with surprises.

Kerim won't fight for Fg anymore like he did before. Now it's her turn. From now on we will see Fatmagül’s effort

SA said...

Translated by Moonbeam on Huniliyiz.net:

Bisena Tips for Episode 29:

Noone can stop Kerim anymore. After the police station he is taken to prosecutor's office and he tells everything.

KERÝM: I am guilty because I was there, I am also at least as guilty as them for not preventing it… I regret very much to have remained silent until today, I want everyone to serve the punishment they deserve.

After Fatmagül makes a complaint at the prosecutor's office, at their return to home a new conversation is added to the ones you look forward to at the gazebo.

KERÝM: The will get their punishment.. There is no more denial, no more escape... We will not give them this opportunity.. This time they won't be able to cover it up, they will not be able to silence us.. They won't be able to hurt us Fatmagül.. We.. the two of us won't be defeated by them.. We will succeed in this together…

The fact that Selim and Erdoðan come near the house after Vural disturbs Kerim greatly. He doesn't want to let Fatmagül go out of the house alone.

While everyone is waiting for the events to come life goes on. Kerim starts to work with Kristin and even Fatmagül meets Kristin.

FATMAGÜL: Hello... don't stop your work.. We won't stay long.
KERÝM: Surely not.. I will show you the mansion.

ps.Sorry about flooding the forum with tips.There are just so many this time!!

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did episode 28 come out?

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Hey Erkan any time frame for you 28.1 will be out?


SA said...

Posted by Myriam on Huniliyiz.net:

Tips for episode 29 (kosova)

Kerim: From now on until they are in jail, you will not go anywhere without me!
Fatmagül: why I’m the one who suffer from everything all the time!!!! What’s my fault/sin!!!
Kerim: I’m saying this for your good, to avoid the danger!
Fatmagül: Again, I'm in trouble again.. I'm under consideration… always me, me .. .. what are you going to do then, are you gonna lock me in the house!!!
Kerim: if necessary yes..
Fatmagül: it was good that you confessed everything… Now the hard work starts!!

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bad end!!

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Poor Fatmagul and Kerim...

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