Fat(MANGA)l'ün Suçu Ne?

Do you like japanese anime and manga? Then let angel2000 take you to manga world and show you how FSN characters would look like as manga characters.

Hello Friends! I'm posting my weekly post. My last one did not seem to go over so well so I'm hoping you will find this one more enjoyable. Love me some Manga and used to watch it as a child. so needless to say decide to see what our FGSN lovelies would be like if they "turned Japanese". I'm pretty pi**ed off at Mukaddes this week so she's not included in the fun. Sorry to all you fans. 

And in honor of his return to hotness this week and because as you may suspect he is my favorite- Vural gets illustrated twice this week. 

Thanks to angel2000 for this nice art work. 

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Dodo23051990 said...

ohhh murad looks soo cute..

thank you

laurausa said...

you are so creative Angle..thank you for entertaining us with ur beautiful drawings..I have an idea Angle..I wonder how whould the cast look like if they where famous charachters around the world..? they can represent world leaders or famous scientest? or famous ancient charachters..?

Naiddk said...

really you are so creative , thank you so much ,they are so enjoyable;, and I like Kerim in any shap or form :D keep it up .

chemi said...

angel2000 dear
I like ur work all of it ur imagination is super but my real reason for loving u is that Vural is ur favorite he is so hot and as u may guess he is my favorite

Semiramansor said...

Thank you Angel.I love it

Naym2010 said...

LOL kerem actually looks like the real kerem when ever he sees fg his eyes pop out like that for real.... the pitures are so cute

Algerianlove said...

Great work! haha they look funny! x

Naym2010 said...

lol. rashat looks like mr. beam.

Erkan said...

I don't know if you read the comments under those posts you didn't like. But if you did read, you'd see there are too many people enjoy reading all of them, and you would understand and perhaps be happy for them.

I, along with many people here, enjoy reading these posts and that's why I share them here.

It takes angel2000 hours to make these art works for us everyweek ( for last four weeks), to put a smile on our faces. But if you don't like it, you should take a few seconds of your "valuable time" and just scroll down to another post instead of making these kind of comments.

You don't have rights to call her work "whole bunch of crazy pictures".
You shouldn't discourage somebody who's doing something as valuable and harmless as what angel2000 do for us, kindly, and for free.

If you don't have anything nice to say, you should consider remaining silent and be happy for those who enjoy the thing that you don't.

1Dimple. said...

what the hell is all this crap with these weird a** pictures.

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