FSN: The Diaper Years

Hello everyone,

For those who are not regularly visiting our forum, I am posting angel's new creative work here to give you your daily dose of FSN as you wait for Episode 27 subtitles. Part 1 will be up tomorrow.


Hello! So I was watching the show the other day and had an eerie feeling. I realized the feeling sprung from my realization that almost everyone on the show is an only child. Think about it..... Vural, Erdogan,Melten, Kerim, Emre.....Creepy right? Maybe that's part of the reason why they're all so messed up. Anyway, I then realized that aside from a few flashbacks of Kerim as a child, Murat is the only child on the show. Creepy again!!!! After a short chain of random thoughts I decided that babies would be the topic for my next post and so FGSN? The Diaper years was born. I would like to dedicate the post to my frenemy Yasemin whom I miss so very much. Enjoy!

In alphabetical order 


Thanks to angel2000 for this nice art work. 

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Moolyamool said...

thanks soo much you are the best please dont be late i wait you to transilte the episods

Moolyamool said...

do a favor for me could you transilat the old episode from 3-8 please

Shada Rabi said...

love love love this hahahaha

Thanks so much about releasing the subs earlier this time. this episode was a killer lol

Rachaa said...

funny thanks

Helen said...

I burst into laughing!!!!! thank you! thank you! thank you!!!

Wendy said...

That's so genius!! Bravo I can' help but LOL!!! XD
Baby Vural (L)

Algerianlove said...

LOL wicked stufff!!!! haha Aww you really love Vural nice pic there at the end ;) hehe x

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