Important Note Regarding ViKi.com

Our channel  seems to be back for now. I don't know for how long. ViKi.com has apparently gone for a change in their policies. And they will (probably) re-evaluate and investiage the duplicate issue regarding our channel. Still waiting for an answer from ViKiCM (their admin, I think). But I'm patient, I'm sure he's a very busy person, dealing with hundreds of people like me.

Our channel on ViKi.com has been blocked. That's why you can't watch the show right now, using Method A (on embedded video player). Method B still works, and it always will.

The reason our channel has been blocked is apparently there was already another channel on ViKi.com about "Fatmagul'un Suçu Ne?". (A channel with one episode subtitled only.)

To avoid dublicate content Viki.com administrators decided to block our channel for now to discuss the issue.

I tried to explain to the admin of ViKi.com why we needed their service, and why we needed a seperate channel. I told him that all I wanted was to make embedded videos available for you guys, fans and the loyal visitors of this site.

He explained to me that ViKi.com doesn't support dublicate channels, although -he said- he understood our intention. He (and the manager of other FSN channel) asked me to join the other channel instead. But I didn't want that, since the intention and reason of existance of our channel is completely different.

We "needed" a seperate channel to manage and update it with our own content, with our own subtitles, for our viewers to watch. I even offered them to make our channel private if possible, or even invisible for everyone else so that our channel's existence wouldn't conflict with the other channel. After all, all I want from ViKi.com is to be able to embed subtitled videos into this blog, using their service.

They're still discussing the issue. They've just blocked our channel (they didn't delete it). Let's hope they'll be kind enough to let us continue using their service in our own channel. But don't worry. Even if they don't, I have a C plan.

So, don't panic. Be patient. And hope that they will give us our channel back :)


Algerianlove said...

Aww Thank you for your efforts~! but like you said the other method still works! I am so grateful :D going to watch Part 2 now. take care x

Hana317 said...

thanks but other method is doing very good / thank you very

Mahanahhas said...

i still dont know how to do it yet i was wacthing it on the channle !!

Dazedeshoo said...

Erkan, thank you so much I cant watch through method B, that channel was awsome, thank you for trying different ways for us. God Bless you.

Emanuela Matzeu said...

thank you erkan for you efforts, we never seem to have luck with these channels...thank you anyway

sukh892004 said...

wich odr method...which is method B???

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