Notes: Episode 25

We haven't been posting "Notes" in our blog for months. Now a decent amount of things that deserve explanation were piled up. I hope these notes will be useful for you to understand the show better. Feel free to tell me in comments what else you would want to be explained and I'll try to include them in my next "Notes:" blog post.


Piyaz (Turkish: piyaz, from Persian: پیاز) is a kind of Turkish salad or meze that is made from any kind of dry beans with hard-boiled egg and vegetables. Common additional ingredients include onion, parsley and sumac. (Wikipedia.org)

Kerim, Fatmagül and Ebe Nine ordered Piyaz at the restaurant with three portions of Köfte (meatballs).

Ekmek Kadayıfı

Ekmek kadayıfı, ekmek kataif, ekmek kataifi (Turkish: ekmek kadayıfı) is a Turkish bread pudding dessert, also found in Greece and called εκμέκ κανταΐφι (ekmek kadaifi) or simply εκμέκ ekmek. It is usually served with kaymak, a kind of clotted cream.

In Turkey, it is considered to originate in Afyonkarahisar.

The word kadayıf is the same as qatayef and kataifi, but the food is quite different. (wikipedia.org)

Apparently like me, Rahmi loves this desert. It needs to be eaten with kaymak on top of it, or with ice-cream if you can't find kaymak.

Hayırlı Uğurlu Olsun / Hayırlı Olsun

This is a Turkish phrase used when congratulating someone on engagement, marriage, a new home or car, graduating and on pretty much anything.

It literally means "May it be well for you and bring you luck".

Note: Other Turkish phrases that I don't translate in subtitles; like "hoşgeldiniz - hoşbulduk", "kolay gelsin", "ellerine sağlık - afiyet olsun" were explained in Notes: Episode 14,  "kolay gelsin" in Notes: Episode 10, "efendim" in Notes: Episode 15.


Soso said...

Hello Erkan, I'am so happy to read again yours notes. Thank you. This Tvshow is amazing. So woderful actors. Can you tell me what means "tovbe tovbe" ? Thank you in advance. Soso from paris.

Kindah said...

thank you so much

Naym2010 said...

yeeey i love kadaf. i see that a lot of the food espacially sweets are similar to labanese food. but whats up with that orange looking soup that they always serve. why do they eat it all the time the only time i saw some kind of meat was when mukadas made dinner and they didnt even eat it they went to the resturant. i mean does that soup make you full enough to eat it for dinner that would not even fill the corner of my husband's stomach :)) my god i want to eat now.

Christine said...

hey Erkan! Thank you for these informative posts! Always enjoy reading them as well as learning. I have another question, what is 'cim'? Often I hear Meltemcigim, or Ablacim, what is this cim suffix? Can you explain? Is it short for canim, so you can add cim to a name to say meltem dear. :) Please explain. thanks and many wishes!

Erkan said...

You're welcome :) Glad that you like it.

It is actually "ciğim" in written language, but in spoken language we generally say "cim".

Same with "abi". It's originally "ağabey" but everyone says "abi" instead.

"ciğim" means "my dear".

Meltemciğim: My dear Meltem
Anneciğim: My dear mom

If it was "ciğin" instead, then "anneciğin" would mean "your dear mom".

Erkan said...

Orange soup is probably "Tarhana soup". Tomato soup and even Mercimek (lentile) soup can look orange-ish. So I'm not sure.

Mercimek and Tarhana soups are my favourites :)

Erkan said...

You're welcome.

A small explanation of tövbe (or tevbe) was included in this post, and the comments under it: http://www.whatisfatmagulsfault.com/2010/11/notes-episode-10.html

Hope that helps.

Naym2010 said...

your favorite afyat olsun :))

Nancy said...

hello guys
does any one know how many episodes does this amazing turkish serie have?
thank u soooo much loads of thanks and kisses

Nancy said...

okay ive been to turkey for my honeymoon 8 months ago..one of my favorite countries in the world! the people are soo helpful and amazing! the food taste so good. the culture, the language, soo clean...everything is perfect. you should be proud to be from turkey!!! i love it!!!! mwaaa

Naiddk said...

Erkan you made me feel hungery with this tasty looking food YUMMY YUMMY, thank you for everything and ellerine sağlık

Claire said...

When Kerim and FG finally kiss, i will make my first Ekmek Kadayifi to celebrate the occassion. Thanks Erkan.

sisa said...

yummy , espacially sweets :))) thmx

egy said...

hi nancy i heared there will be 39 and it'll end in june

egy said...

thank you erkan
i realy missed these notes
everything looks delicious now i'm hungry :)

ambia said...

You Made my day! I love readings these notes. I learn so much that i am looking forward to read them whenever you have the time to post them. Thank you Erkan.

Ekmek kadayıfı is popular in the states in almost all Turkish, Persian, and middle eastern resultants. I love it but i always have to watch out, it can be really addictive.

I Never had Piyaz, so thanks for the suggestion, i am going to my favorite Turkish restaurant tomorrow to try it :).

chemi said...

thank u Erkan cim
I love ur notes I missed them very nice of u to share these information
I've been in Turkey 4 years ago I tried the Piyaz I lked it very much. as for Ekmek Kadayıfı we have simillar desert in Jordan or may be the same but under different name but the word Kadayıf for us is the desert of Ramadan month it's kind of pan cake stuffed with cheese then grilled and it served with sweet syrup

Ğada Al-shareef said...

thanx for the notes very helpful . but when are you gonna post episode 26 we are still waiting for that plzz don't stop putting translaition we are counting on you erkanciğim

Christinahodeib said...

AYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Erkan I really missed your great notes!!!!!!! Thanx a lot... As for the Kataif I loooooooooooooooooove them yummy... the best thing ever.... Maybe we do it a bit differently like they are stuffed with cheese and covered with liquid sugar and served hot... really really great.

Question said...

Thank you Erkan for this nice tour in the Turkish cuisine:). I just wanted to learn more about FG´s favourite kind of sweets, the one she went to the shop to buy when she got her first wage. Could you please tell us something about it?
Thanks in advance!

Wendy said...

So delicious!!!! I really want to taste turkish food, especially "lokma"! Hope to visit your country one day!

Migeat said...

Hi as Erkan write we have also in Greece εκμέκ κανταίφι a very delicious desert and for the friend who asks for the name of the sweet Fatmagul bought with her first wage its TULUMBA one of my favourite sweets too

Question said...

Thank you Migeat! But what is it like? I mean does it have a main special ingredient? It looks very nice this is why I am interested. Thanks again

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