What if... Just what if, FSN SUCKed?

"What if... Just what if, FSN SUCKed?" thanks for courtesy of angel2000 @ forum.whatisfatmagulsfault.com

Some of the photos is a little bit scary. So, you've been warned!


Now, we all love FGSN just the way it is. We love our heroes and villans. Some more than others. Every week we laugh, we cry, we throw things at the tv in hopes that one day, one of them will reach Mustafa's head on the other side. Right? Now what if, and just hear me out, what if our favorite show had taken a slightly different turn. What if our FGSN lovelies would have been thrown into the realm of the immortal and the undead. This is for Utopia and all those out there who appreciate the genre. (Plus it  buys Erkan a little time for translating). 

Asu: "What do you mean you don't have Bloody Marys?"

Fatmagul: "Kerim.....how many times do I have to tell you Not to eat garlic before our dates? 
OOF Ya!" 

Munir:" You think you're the only one who has problems? I haven't fed in so long Ebe Nine's starting to look tasty" 

Meltem: Mom, I can't believe you made me wear this stupid looking thing on my head"

Erdo: "If you don't keep your mouth shut I will drain you out....Yemin ederim". 

Fatmagul: Mustafa this could never work, We're just too different".

Vural: " Nah man you go ahead, I don't like white meat".

Emre: " Mehmet Abi, I've been telling you from the begining, there's something really strange about those people. 

Mukaddes:" Oh salih, I knew I'd find you one day. I'm not the same Mukddes you left behind, I've changed" 

Erdo: You guys suck. Selim, You running after Meltem. (to Vural) and you running after that Angel 2000. Forget it I don't need no stinking wingman. 

Vural: " I'm too hot to be hanging out with you morons. I'm outta here". 

Musti:" I had a feeling working for the Yasarans would end up badly" 

Here are just some photos I played a bit with.....


FSN in Alternate Universes
FSN in Southpark


Karizmarr said...

ha ha ha Angel, this is so scary, and i didnt even wanted to look at those Zombies, but the only ONE you didnt touch, and KEPT his as an ANGEL :-)))))) is Keri mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... Thats not fair :-))))))))))))))))))

Shada Rabi said...

Hahahaha my personal fav was Emre, looked like teen wolf, or someone who got all glued with weed on his face hahahahah

Love them all

Algerianlove said...

Hahahaha amazing! loving these joke posts! they keep us in the spirit of waiting for FSN :D keep them coming! thank you!!!!!

Naym2010 said...

poor Emre he ate konafi with out using his hands.
you should do fgsn in diapers. i want to see how they looked like when they were a year old. ebe nine would be a fat baby while fg is gonna be the one thats always winning. kerem is gonna be the happy baby that always laughing. you know better. thanks angel

Mhenya said...

Thanks a lot Angel!!! what an amazing idea you had!!! I'm glad you didn't touched a lot to Kerim and transformed him to an ugly something :))))) but poor Mustafa he's so .....argh!!!! and Vural would be a perfect vampire !!! Thanks again for sharing wish you the best dear Angel ^^

egy said...

thank you angel for sharing this with us
i can't get enough of your posts
i loved asu and emre the most
you are realy creative

Georgiatzi said...

thank you Angel
love them all

Dazedeshoo said...

Erkan: Hope u and ur family are all well. May I please ask when can we see eps.24 on viki.com.? Thank you and God Bless

Faten Abbas said...

hahahahhaha hillarious

Krullenboltje said...

OH MY GOD, Emre is very freakky!

meriem said...


Arifa said...

wow really nicee !

janajelly said...

loved the mukaddes and fatmagul part1

aaaa said...

uhauhauhauhauha very good

sweat girl said...

wonderful but emre little as ugly

aaa said...

hahahaha beautifully it Congratulations

very very good work :)

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