Episode 32 Part 2

Fatmagul'un Sucu Ne? Episode 32 Part 2 English subtitles. Enjoy!


Rachaa said...

thank you so much you are the best Erkan

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Many many thanks Erkan :-)

Semiramansor said...

I take my hat off to you,thank you.

Reham said...

Thank you so much Erkan! you made my day :)

Shada Rabi said...

Thank you thank you thank you thank you :)
By the way Erkan would like to know what your plans will be now that ay yapim have decided to load the episode as a full and not 2 parts?

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Erkan .. thanks alooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot ^_^ =D

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Erkan said...

Hey Shada, you girls and guys are welcome :)

One big part will be posted instead of two. It should be ready before Thursday.

Ting said...

Thank you for all your efforts!
This is my first time to watch a Turkish drama and I really like it.
Thanks! 谢谢!

Shada Rabi said...

Thanks so much erkan, this is great news :)

Ğada Al-shareef said...

Erkan you are my hero erkan thanx for the great work . when i saw the full episode uploaded i thought of you right away it's gonna be hard i guess but you can do it take your time & thanx again

yousraly said...

thank you .. ireally appreciate what ur doing cuz if it wasn't for u i'd be searching everywhere for each part

Naym2010 said...

oh god bless you. you are our melek Erkan abi . thank you so much :))

SA said...

Moonbeam on Huniliyiz.net:

A summary of some tips the reliability of which are yet
but highly likely:

Kerim will be upset with Fatmagül because of the letter, then Fatmagül
will be with him because of the thing he hid but before the end of the
episode they will make up and Fatmagül will take important steps towards
Kerim. This episode is turning point for Fatmagül. This time Fatmagül
will talk to the doctor about Kerim. Things will change between them
after the doctor visit. But before she will ask him why he didn't leave?
Because his friends didn't come to say goodbye? She will ask if they
bought his plane ticket and she will cry. Kerim will swear that he went
to learn the truth. Meryem will cry because of the argument with Kerim
about the letter.Supposedly when Kerim and Fatmagül are at the
gazebo Meryem will come and make him call his father but the secretary
will pick up. Kerim will hang up and say he doesn't have a father.They
will sign the contract for the place they rent for the restaurant and
Rahmi will paint in the garden and will keep making jokes and make Kerim
and Fatmagül laugh.Mustafa will send the roses, Kerim will get daisies for Fatmagül and Meryem. Fatmagül and Kerim will talk in the balcony smiling: "What if the business doesn't go well." Kerim's colleagues from Kristen's dinner will be invited to the opening of the restaurant.Erdoðan
will have a nervous breakdown and will be taken to hospital. The other
prisoners will beat them and sing after him when he is taken away. Mustafa will attempt to rape Meltem.

Emna said...

Hi there, I'm a new commer here and very glad to be :)
I'm guessing by the comments that all of this is thanks to Erkan. Thank you so very much, we are so appreciative of you refforts for us ,non turkish speaker, to understand the series :)  
I have a small request to make: would it be possible for you to post just the song of the end (kerim and fatmagul) with subtiles english and in turkish (just like in the episode). I love the song. 

Thank you in advance.

KattyKat said...

такая красивая песня *_*

Hanan said...

what's that song called at the end when she sang with karim? please answer if you know it 

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