Fatmagul'un Sucu Ne? Episode 58

Fatmagul'un Sucu Ne? Episode 58  English subtitles. Enjoy!


Do Not Panic! (Ver. 3.9)

You can ignore this post, as the forum is up once again :)


A Late Reminder

Episode 58 hasn't aired yet on TV, thus no video or translations available this week.

I thought everyone already knew about that (since we talked about that a lot in our forum section), then I noticed the recent comments and realized that not all of you guys and girls are forum members. So I felt the need to let you know.

Episode 58 will air today (Thursday 19th) on Turkish TV (Kanal D), and translating will take a few days-to a week as usual. Stay tuned.


Fatmagul'un Sucu Ne? Episode 57

Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne? Episode 57 English subtitles.


Fatmagul'un Sucu Ne? Episode 56

Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne? Episode 56 English subtitles. Enjoy!