Episode 61

Will be up tonight (Feb 17) around 23:30 Turkey (Eastern Europe) time.


terranea said...

Cheers mate :D :D Živ'jo Rođo :D :D

Happy times ;)

jass said...

Great...and hope 62 will be by Sunday:)

shm said...

thank u veru much for ur hard work abd great job.

Ammo said...

27 minutes to go 

Amela said...

thank you

Dany said...

thanks to our turcish friends for translations+!

The last episode of “What’s the guilt of Fatmagül?” was happening in
Valentine’s Day. The kissing scene of Fatmagül&Kerim attracted millions of
audience. The couple had shared a kiss before, but it was not appreciated by
the audience. But this time it seems that the result is satisfying. After the
scene was broadcasted, the Twitter traffic was heavy! Here are some comments:

“Oh God, protect my mind!” , “Beren literally shivered, how else could she act
this scene?”, “I am convinced. The kiss was warm and real.”, “Thanks God, we
have seen that Kerim can do much better If the opportunity is given…”

Translated by Gizem Günçavdı:)

ledvan said...

guys where is the subtitle , i can not find the english subtitle, somebody help

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