How to Watch?

Hello, here is explained how you watch Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne? episodes with English subtitles:

Method 1: Simply click "play" on the embedded video of the related Episode and watch the streaming video. (You may have to click the "CC" icon to show the subtitles).

Method 2: This method is used when Method 2 isn't working (if there is no embedded video or when the embedded video is not working).

1-) Download the "raw video" (with no subtitles) on the "official" youtube channel of "Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne".

To download a video from youtube, you need to use a software like "youtube video downloader" or

This is how I download a youtube video using
    i) find the episode you want to watch in the list here ==> the official FSN YouTube channel.
    ii) right click on that episodes name and right click "copy link address"
    iii) open in a new tab, and paste that address you previously copied into the box in this new page, by pressing "ctrl+v" or "right click+paste".
    iv) click on "download" button next to the box in which you've just pasted the video link.
    v) "accept" if your browser asks you whether you want to run the application in the website. (make sure Java is enabled on your pc/browser, and install Java if it isn't installed already.)

2-) Download the subtitles file provided by us. Simply click the "subtitles" link at the first line of the post of the episode you are going to watch. (For full list of the episodes, click here)

3-) Once you downloaded the video and the subtitle, create a new folder and move those two files (video file and the subtitle file) into that new folder. Open the video and in most video players your subtitles should automatically load. (If it doesn't, then you just have to drag the subtitles file into the video window while it's playing.)

Important: You need a media player (Like VLC Player) that lets you load subtitles onto videos, in order to complete step 3.

Complete this steps one by one and you should be okay, Good luck!